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Picture Product Price
Coin,France 1 Franc 1923,Aluminum-Bronze...Nice..#7 $1.80
BRITISH WEST AFRICA 6 pence 1947 KM22 Ni-Brass George VI VERY RARE in TOP GRADE! $29.90
French Colonies - NCG AU 58 BN 10 Centimes 1843 A - Fabulous Coin $299.99
1938D Nazi 5 Reichspfennig - KM91 - VF $4.55
1 OZ GOLD Plated Post Nazi Germany Iron Cross German WW2 24k Bullion Bar $14.99
2014 1000 Francs Papillons Exoqtiques Euphaedra neophron Butterfly 3D Silver CAR $69.99
1911R Italy Silver 2 Lire Quadriga Certified NGC AU 50 Tough Date Rare KM #46 $1,200.00
2001 ISLE OF MAN PR 69 NGC 114070-004 1/5CRN CATS 1/5 OZ. GOLD COIN UNC. $649.99
Portugal 2-1/2 Escudos, 1964 Beautiful Rare Coin Unc. BV 32.00 $4.99
1903-06 China Chekiang 10C Y-49.3 - NGC VF35 - Rare Certified Dragon Coin $285.00
Uncirculated 2009 Coins of Norway Classic Coin Set $29.99
Coins $32.50
2012 Isle of Man 50 pence, IOM Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Uncirculated in card $12.95
1883 Kingdom Of Hawaii Coin Set w/1847 Hawaii Keneta in Capital Plastics Holder $1,000.00
2014 Palau Marine life protection $5 "Beauty of the sea" proof $69.99
2008 Silver Kookaburra NGC MS70 $399.00
1804-PTS PJ Bolivia 4 Reales (4R) - NGC XF40 - Rare Certified Cuzco Hoard Coin $245.00
2013 Great Britain £1 PND Gold BRITANNIA NGC PF70 UC 1/20 oz 1st Year Issue ~~ $159.95
1999 China S10Y Lunar Color Rabbit silver coin with Box, COA $288.00
2013 Great Britain £1 PND Gold BRITANNIA NGC PF70 UC 1/20 oz Proof R $169.95
2014 Tuvalu Silver $1 - American Buffalo - High Relief - PF70 Ultra Cameo - ER $129.95
1994 Philippines Leyte Gulf Landings Coin Set 5 100 500 & 1000 pesoTeak WoodBox $588.00
PHILIPPINES BSP 10 Heroes Commemorative Coin Set $36.88
2005 PHILIPPINES BSP ARNIS Sport Coin Set $32.88
1994 Philippines Leyte Gulf Landings Coin Set 5 100 500 & 1000 peso,Teak Box 387 $588.00
Shanghai Mint God of Longevity Medal Set ,Original Wood box $188.88
2012 Great Britain 1 PND BRITANNIA PCGS PR70 DCAM First Strike 1/2 oz Rare PF70~ $159.95
Perth Mint 90th Aniversary of the End of World War 1 Gold and Silver coin set $799.00
2007 China Silver Panda 10 Yuan 1oz PCGS MS 70 $245.00
2012 Great Britain 50P BRITANNIA PCGS PR70 DCAM First Strike 1/4 oz Rare PF70 ~~ $129.95
2012 Great Britain 20P BRITANNIA PCGS PR70 DCAM First Strike 1/10 oz Rare PF70 ~ $109.95
BRITISH WEST AFRICA 2 shillings 1913 KM13 Ag.925 George V Above average SCARCE ! $26.90
2014 Prince George's First Birthday Silver Coin, ANACS PR 70 DCAM, UNCIRCULATED. $175.00
Switzerland 1934 5 Rappen Great Eye Appeal!!! C95 $5.25
Switzerland 1921 20 Rappen C92 $3.35
2006 DEADLY & DANGEROUS RED BACK SPIDER Silver Proof Coin $1,125.00
Large 1944 English Penny (England, Great Britain, United Kingdom) $6.50
2015 France 10 Euro Silver Proof Coin "Lunar Year of the Goat" in Box $62.95
[#53180] Germany, Maximilien II, Double Thaler 1854 Silver $400.00
Marshall Islands Complete set of the 12 Apostles $10 Coins w/ Stamp Set $199.00
Cook Islands 2013 PGA Tour - Hole in One pure silver coin with cut-out 5$ $149.99
Britannia 2012 SILVER 50p 1/4 oz PCGS PR70 First Strike proof Great Britain UK $129.95
2014 New Zealand $1 Silver Proof Coin "Maori Art: Papa & Rangi" $99.95
1989 China 50 Yuan 1/2oz Gold Large Date Panda NCS / NGC MS69 $2,850.00
1994 China (Chinese) 10 Yuan 1oz Silver Small Date Panda NGC MS69 $328.00
1897 Jamaica Half Penny 1/2 Penny* Strong Details***FREE SHIPPING*** $7.00
1868 B German States Saxony-Albertine 2 new Groshen 20 Pfennig**FREE SHIPPING** $10.00
Bolivia Silver 1800 PTS PP 1/2 Real Genuine PCGS $42.00
View All Items - Click here to view all items in the selected category.

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